Residential Roofing

Need to reroof your house or do roof repair? We will help you determine the roofing supplies your home needs and set you up with a roofing contractor. You can also refer to our Roofing Resources guide. Here are some of the major residential roofing types to be familiar with:

A type of residential asphalt roof shingle made from a fiberglass mat, then saturated with asphalt to make it waterproof. A top coating of adhesive asphalt is applied and ceramic granules are embedded for protection from the sun and to give it color. Available in standard 3-tab, and a laminated/architectural type, and has warranties from 20 years to Lifetime, depending on the manufacturer. Used mostly for residential roofing on sloped roofs with a minimum pitch of 2/12. This type of roofing material is occasionally used as cladding on a commercial roof parapet wall. Asphalt roof shingles comprise the largest segment of the market. They are considered light weight, and an ideal choice for roof repair or replacement in most instances. See our roofing products manufacturers.