Residential Roofing

Need to reroof your house or do roof repair? We will help you determine the roofing supplies your home needs and set you up with a roofing contractor. You can also refer to our Roofing Resources guide. Here are some of the major residential roofing types to be familiar with:

These roofing shingles are pressure treated with fire retardant that is injected into the wood and is locked into its fibers. This ensures that the material remains fire retardant for its lifetime. A “Class A” fire rating is attainable for the roof system. Roofing shakes are split on one side, sawn on the other, giving them a rough, textured look. Wood shingles are machine sawn on both sides, giving the shingles a smoother, thinner appearance. Both wooden roofing shingles and shakes are typically made from red cedar, and both can be used as cladding or siding in addition to roof covering. See our roofing products manufacturers.