It depends on a number of factors, i.e., roof size, type of product, pitch of roof, access for equipment, etc. It’s definitely not like buying a car, where you can email several dealers the specs, and take the lowest price knowing you’re getting the same car from all of them. Quite the contrary. For instance, you’ll hope that all the roofers are using the same material—but how would you really know? And what about the workers actually installing the roof? Are they trained employees of the roofer, or men picked up the morning of the job outside the neighborhood home improvement store? Does the roofer carry the necessary insurance, in the event of a worker getting hurt? The worst-case scenarios happen far more often than you might imagine. The simple fact is that the cheapest roofer is NEVER the best roofer. When it comes to pricing a new roof, remember the old adage: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.